Collect payments on your website with new-generation payment tools
Collect payments on your website with new-generation payment tools

Online payment is complicated by strict laws and regulations, including the Know Your Customer or KYC (USA), sanction filtering, and regulatory restrictions (and this is becoming increasingly complex internationally).

We have the simplest and most effective way for you to receive payment from your customers, pay your suppliers at the same time and immediately take your commissions or margins, respecting the laws of your country.

Fast & Easy Payment Procedure

Fast & Easy Payment Procedure

Included in Virtual Office

HOW IT WORKS Optimize your cash flow & stop chasing after payments

Use AVA Software to be paid instantly, and don't wait 30 to 60 days
for your partners to pay.

Without LYW Yacht Charter Software

Without LYW Yacht Charter Software
Wait 30 - 60 days

With LYW Yacht Charter Software

With LYW Yacht Charter Software
Get paid instantly

Routing payment

Routing payment

A powerful routing and payment engine make it easy to send money to multiple recipients at the same time. Travel Agency, Hotels, Charter Broker,Yacht Owners, Centrale Agency.

Easily track the flow of the payments

  • Our dashboard

    Our dashboard allows operational and accounting teams to visualize all stages of the payment lifecycle: Account history, verification, transfers, etc..

  • centralize your flows

    You need to centralize your flows for :

    • Various clients
    • Various yacht owners
    • Various agents

E-AGREEMENT Edit your yacht charter agreement instantly

Don't waste time manually creating your draft. Download the details of your fleet information on your website with your general terms and conditions of your yacht charter agreement.

Edit your yacht charter agreement instantly
Don’t wait for the signatures

Don’t wait for the signatures of the yacht charter agreement

Automation E-Signatures are available for all parties: Owner, Broker, Stakeholder, Charterer. In 4 steps, it will be sent automatically to the next recipient. (Contract automatically save in your CRM after the signatures of all parties)

Sign & pay in one simple step

It is simple for your customer: when it is time to sign, you can request payment. The customer can pay with a credit or debit card. An approved payment completes the contract signature, with the payment record included in the audit trail of the contract steps. For your customers, it is fast and convenient. For you, it eliminates costs, delays & risks of non-payment.

Sign & pay

ADVANTAGESSay goodbye to complicated procedures

  • Make customers happy

    Make customers happy

    Deliver a superior customer experience by offering the ability to sign and pay in most cities around the world on all devices.

  • Get paid faster

    Get paid faster

    Do not wait until it is too late. Accelerate your payment and eliminate the risk of non-payment.

  • Reduce your costs

    Reduce your costs

    Avoid the costs, errors, and time associated with collecting payments manually.

Why is it beneficial to collect payments with the agreements?


of companies experience
late or non-payment


of companies spend more than
10 hours a week chasing up payments


Ready to speed-up your payment process?