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Marketing Support
US$ 345 per month

Marketing Support

US$ 345 per month

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LYW Marketing for Travel Market

  • Quality Label

    Main Benefit

    • Quality Label and innovative 3.0 technology
    • LYW will support you at every stage to implement your new sale process and go to the next level.
  • Our Priority for You

    Our Priority for You

    • Reinforce your brand's assets
    • Improve your customer relations scheme
    • Grow more incomes
  • digital revolution

    The digital revolution has put the customer in the driving seat

    Now you can communicate Before-During-After arrivals of your clients, to sell your extras experiences in real time with industrialization sale process.

Yacht charter marketing tailored in your image

A team of specialists in yacht charter marketing help design your strategy and visuals & content.

Yacht charter marketing

SOCIAL MEDIALuxury Lifestyle Experiences

Post photos of your embarkations, Post information on new yachts and new destinations to increase visibility to future new customers around the world.

Your Yacht Charter Social Media page

Interact with your customers and create new content. Grow your professional network, inform them all about your Yacht Charter business, connect them to your LYW software and stay informed of the latest developments.

Digital distribution

Digital distribution Booking confirmations & e-mail slogans are permanent and daily opportunities to sensitise your customers.

  • Add a banner to all your bookings and booking confirmations
  • End your emails with a slogan or add a slogan to your newsletter

On your website

  • Fully integrated embedded website
    Provide direct access in just 3 clicks
  • Integration with Menu: " Yacht Charter"
    Which leads back to your white label software.
    You choose your domain name in SSL
  • Fully integrated embedded website
    Create a yachting page with editorial content and with the boats you want to feature and incorporate a real-time search engine
Digital distribution

ADVERTISING TO YOUR CLIENTSInform your clients of your Yacht Charter services in a modern and creative style

Wi-fi Login

Wi-fi Login card (for hotel)

Add a QR code for your access to the Yacht Charter service on the Wifi logins information card.

Loyalty scheme

Add your Yacht Charter services to your loyalty scheme or affiliate scheme

Loyalty scheme
Weather forecast

Weather forecast in the room

In the form of a map

Information leaflets

Optimize visibility

Viral video

Post your new browsing experience

  • Website
  • TV screens in the hall,
  • Club house,
  • Lift
  • Activity desk
  • In room
Viral video
Editorial & publication

Editorial & publication

Talk about your new service and tell your guest about the yachting activities available in your business.

Analytical & Strategies

A specialist team for reading analytical data

  • Traffic rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate
  • The origin of the traffic
  • Customer satisfaction sheet analysis
  • Yacht Charter CRM Analysis

These elements are essential to improve your strategy And increase your revenue

Analytical & Strategies

OTHER SOFTWARE Find the perfect plan for your business’needs

Implementation of the Yacht Charter Activity


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Marketing Support

US$345 per month

Coronavirus situation
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Communicate effectively with your customers

  • Client marketing support services
  • Strategic marketing solutions
  • Campaign management and analytics
  • Monthly reporting
  • Training for your team

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